50 mins

Navigating Cross Border Logistics and Compliance from India to the US

04th March 2024
03:00 PM onwards

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What you'll learn

The A to Z of planning your shipments from India to the US with expert insights from Intoglo.

How to select the right logistics partner for seamless Amazon shipments.

Navigating the maze of tax and compliance for exports from India and imports into the US, presented by P&A.

Best practices for ensuring your goods move smoothly across borders, avoiding common pitfalls.

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Meet the speakers

Nitish Dua

Business Manager-E-Commerce


Nitish is a global business specialist driving international expansion with his excellence in global logistics, compliance & tax. Nitish has helped diverse organisations, from startups to Fortune, navigate the complexities of the global market.

He has launched over 500+ brands in the global markets of USA, UK, EU, UAE, Australia, Canada etc. with his compliance excellence. Currently he is working as a Business Manager-E-Commerce at Intoglo and is helping e-commerce & B2B exporters to ship globally and help them scale internationally.


Aaina Gupta

Compliance Manager

Parshotam & Associates (P&A)

Aaina specialises in navigating the intricate landscape of international tax and compliance. With a keen understanding of the complexities involved, she provides tailored solutions to ensure seamless operations for businesses venturing into new markets.

From advising on cross-border transactions to mitigating risks associated with regulatory compliance, her expertise enables brands to navigate the global marketplace confidently. She is currently working with Parshotam & Associates (P&A) as a Compliance Manager. P&A has helped over 2000+ brands expand globally by helping them to comply with International Tax & Compliance regulations.


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